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Why choose CP Innovative Choices?

Quite simply, CP Innovative Choices gives you freedom to choose your own support worker. Often people have been reluctant to use services because they feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar people in their home. The CP Innovative Choices program lets you select and recruit the person that you want and that best fits with you or your family’s needs.


How do I find a support worker?

The idea behind CP Innovative Choices is that you select a support worker that you want from your own networks. If required, CP Innovative Choices can assist you by providing information and guidance when you’re sourcing and recruiting potential support workers.


How do I choose my support worker’s pay rate?

CP Innovative Choices provides you with a set of pay rates which include the minimum and maximum rates according to legislation. You can then choose to pay your support worker from one of those rates.

When deciding on a pay rate, there are several factors to take into consideration, such as the worker’s qualifications, experience as well as competency level.


Can I give my support worker a pay rise?

You can do this at any time but you must inform CP Innovative Choices once you have discussed it with your support worker.

It is also important to keep in mind if and how a pay rise would affect the amount of funding available for you to use.


How do I pay my support worker?

Every time a shift is completed, you or your support worker completes a timesheet. At the end of each fortnight, you and the support worker review it for accuracy. Once this is done, the timesheet is signed and returned to CPSN.

Each financial year CP Innovative Choices will give you a schedule of pay dates.

How do I access training for my support worker?

CP Innovative Choices gives you control of your own care by supporting you to identify any gaps or specific training needs for your support workers. This can be done by having a discussion with your support worker when you first meet them and as your needs change.

CP innovative choices also has an assessment template that you can use to document any training gaps and can assist by providing you with information on reputable training organisations where your support workers can access training.


How do I access this program?

Please contact us for a confidential discussion about your specific circumstances and needs. There is absolutely no obligation and you don’t have to be a member.

Free Call: 1300 277 600



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