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creating opportunities for the lifestyle you want

Our Story

The Cerebral Palsy Innovative Choices (CPIC) program is an initiative developed by the Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN), which is a not-for-profit Victorian organisation providing information, resources and support services relating to cerebral palsy.

In 1997, the CPSN recognised a need in the CP community for a more flexible and responsive approach to establishing and managing support services. Families wanted a more personalised approach towards support, especially when hiring workers. The result was the Cerebral Palsy Brokerage Program, which has evolved into CP Innovative Choices over time.

CP Innovative Choices empowers individuals with cerebral palsy and their families to take more control of their lives by helping them to design the lifestyle of their choice.

CPIC Mission

CP Innovative Choices empowers individuals with cerebral palsy as well as their families. The program is designed to help people take control and design the lifestyle of their choice.

CP Innovative Choices creates real and meaningful opportunities that are inclusive and enable successful outcomes.

CP Innovative Choices is dedicated to providing a full range of support options and tools to suit individual needs.

Is CPIC for you?

If you answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, then CP Innovative Choices can make a difference to you.

* Do you or someone you care for have cerebral palsy?

* Do you have access to funding?

* Do you want to be able to choose your own support workers?

Contact us today to discuss how CP Innovative Choices can help you.


"CP Innovative Choices has given me the confidence and skills to control and manage my own life. I can now select who I want to support me and choose my care as I need it." Gabby

"We live in a remote area and consistency is hard with agency workers. CPIC means we can tailor the care hours around my needs - not just when an agency has someone available. It is a totally flexible arrangement and it really works. I can highly recommend this service!" Jack